Thanks to those who organised events for the club in August:

A Mosque visit was arranged by Peter J. for members who were made most welcome and found it most enlightening and well worth the visit.

Mike B put on two events, Swing Era and Healing Power of Trees at Taplow. At Marlow Legion it was dancing to music provided by the Hollies keyboard player.

Quite a lot of members enjoyed a day on the river between Maidenhead and Windsor where there were interesting places and celebrities homes along the way. This was a joint effort by Angela & Kay on a nice sunny day.

Some of us went to a different branch of RBL at Amersham, to do a bit of dancing. Very nice thanks Mavis.

There was more dancing at the Ivy Leaf Club to a live band. Sandy hosted.

The Skittles evening at Flackwell was well attended. Maggie P organised this event, thanks also to Keith. Maggie had the top score for the ladies, Harry for the lads. Highest score in the 'killer game' was Kay for Ladies and Keith for the lads.

Thanks again to Trev for hosting TGIF at the Jolly Farmer to which lots of our members attended.

Walk leaders this month: Richard, Ian, Pete and Joe.

Thanks to Gloria for the short walk.

 All club activities and events are at own risk and appropriate footwear is advisable for walks.

Whenever a member wishes to attend an event they must first contact the organiser of the event by phone or in person to confirm their place.

We look forward to receiving suggestions from other members, who have not yet been involved in hosting or running an event, to come forward and consider putting on an event. The Committee members are keen to help you with this, as required. The more ideas the better to give us all a varied choice.

Full Membership Discount Scheme: the committee would like to reward those dedicated members who make the effort to host at least two events each year for the benefit of us all.

As a condition of membership all members are required to host one event per year but some members excel and arrange more events. Their efforts help us to build a varied programme to meet the needs of all our members.

Any fully paid up member who puts on one event in any one year attended by 6 members or more is entitled to claim a £10 discount off the cost of a full year's membership (£48). The onus to be on the member to apply for the discount.

All Annual paid up members are entitled to claim a maximum discount of £20 per annum. Thus allows any member to be able to pay an annual membership fee of £28 rather than £48.

The onus always being on the member to claim the discount on the annual renewal date of their membership.

Planning to run an Event? You need to get the information to one of the committee members (preferably Jim) 4-8 weeks ahead.

For example, at the committee meeting on the last Monday in January we finalize the program for March.

 What we need to know:

  • Event title and brief description.
  • Where it is being held, preferably with directions and post code.
  • The date and start time.
  • Any costs involved.
  • Pre-booking instructions if relevant.
  • Your name and contact details.

Why not let other member try-

  • Your favourite hobby?
  • Your favourite restaurant?
  • Your favourite pub?
Alternatively find out what is on and block book some tickets. Talk to a committee member - the club will usually subsidise forward sales of tickets.

Spa / Retreat Day - Anyone interested in getting a group of us on a spa/retreat day?  I am guessing it will cost a bit over £100. I will have to look at the deals but I am looking at a couple of treatments, lunch and some classes as well as use of gym & pool.

Contact Lindsey

Liaisons walks
: walking is a great way to keep fit and to keep in touch with fellow members, plus you get to see some beautiful countryside, canals and river views, all for free! After the walk we meet in a local pub or cafe for much needed refreshment.

We walk every Sunday meeting at 10.45am for an 11.00am start usually finishing by about 1.00pm.